Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mission Call!

I was driving to my friends house on a late Saturday afternoon when my sister called me and told me my mission call had come in the mail. I almost turned around just to go hold it! But my brother and my mom were out of town that day, so we made plans to open it the next night. The time building up to it was surprisingly normal. People kept asking me if I was nervous, but I wasn't. They asked where I thought I'd go, but I had no idea! I knew where I wanted to go and I knew where I didn't want to go.
I really wanted to go to Australia. I really didn't want to go somewhere cold.

When my brother walked in the door that Sunday night, we instantly started calling all of my family members who weren't in Colorado and I got ready to open it! When I opened up my letter, I couldn't even read it! They weren't words to me, just blurry black marks on a white piece of paper. Then out of the haze I saw the word "Salem" and I freaked out! I honestly didn't have any idea where Salem was! Then I read the rest and it said "Oregon Salem Mission" everyone got excited and it was wonderful!
But later that night I started to feel inadequate almost, because it was a state-side mission. I started to wonder if I hadn't been called out of the country because I wasn't strong enough for it or something. It was all pretty depressing. But it didn't last long. I posted where I was going on Facebook and I got a wave of overwhelming support from family, friends, and people I'm not even sure I know! Members and non-members. And I realized it didn't matter where I went, because wherever I go there will be people to teach, and the people are what's really important! Every single day Oregon seems like the absolute best place for me to go! Everyday I get more excited about it! I know that God knows me so well and he knew that this is where I need to be, and I just want to go wherever he wants me to go because I know he'll never let me down.
I know that all mission calls are from God. Elder Rasband gave a beautiful talk about how all mission calls are divine. If you aren't so sure, I would encourage you to read the link ; )

Besides, it will probably be better to go to Australia when I can go to the beach and all. Maybe one day...